About Drones

Do you have a license to fly?

Yes. Our pilots are FAA 107  licensed and our drones are registered with the FAA.


Is it safe?

Yes. Our drones are equipped with automatic obstacle avoidance and are assisted with fully autonomous flight, auto return to home and auto landing using GPS to safely control the drone in the event of a failsafe.


What is your safety record?

Our track record is clear. As of yet, we have not damaged any property nor have we had to file an insurance claim. We are fully insured just in case.


How much does it cost for this service?

This depends on what you need. Do you need aerial photography or an aerial video? Each project is tailored to individual needs. We will work with you to provide an affordable rate.


Is there a specific altitude you can fly in?

Yes. We always operate in controlled airspace and verify the classification of airspace at each location to ensure regulated safety guidelines are met.


Are there locations a drone can or can’t fly?

Yes. These locations are mapped out by the FAA. SkyView Media verifies that each location we shoot is within legal airspace to fly.


How long have you been flying?

SkyView Media has 9 years of building, repairing, and operating drones.


When can I expect to receive my images or video?

This is dependent on the type of service requested and the timeframe allotted. Images are typically delivered within hours. Video is dependent on length and editing requests. 


How many images will I receive?

What is the length of the video you will provide me?

You will receive as many images as you request within reason. If you have requested video without editing, video length is typically anywhere between 15 seconds to less than 10 minutes long per clip and as many clips needed to achieve desired shots. 


Why do we do this?

We enjoy it! Our goal is to use our skills to create honest, creative work designed around your specific needs.